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Who is the best online marketer in Phoenix? Online marketing practices seem to change ever more rapidly these days. What had been working for months and sometimes years, no longer works with the introduction of the Google zoo of animal updates. Why do I care? I really don’t. I just wanted to run a few experiments using a few little known techniques on the internet. This post is centered on achieving that very thing. What you ask? Attempting to rank “Best online marketer in Phoenix, Arizona” using a strategy I just recently learned about.


Achieving results for clients and small businesses takes time and effort especially for positioning them in front of their ideal clients/customers. However, I have recently discovered that there are more social strategies at play here than I initially anticipated. So that’s why I’m taking the plunge to position myself as the best online marketer in Phoenix, AZ.

Best Online Marketer in Phoenix Hangout Video



Let’s first start with a snapshot of the actual positioning for this keyword phrase for the search query “the best marketer in Phoenix, AZ”.

As of 10/11/2013 the snapshot below reveals the top search results for this keyword phrase using Google.




Now at this point I’m not sure if I will be able to properly position myself for this keyword phrase. However, let’s just say I do and it’s mission accomplished. I bet you’re already wondering if this is just another flash in the pan “strategy” or “tactic” that Google will destroy in it’s next exotic zoo animal update. If you think that way then fine, I would almost not even argue against you. This time I am going to share  a few reasons that you already know to be true about Google. With all the slaps on the hacks and trying to game the Google search engine system we have learned  that Google search is ALWAYS EVOLVING. Google doesn’t penalize it’s younger siblings. This being blogger,  YouTube, Google+, Google+ Local, Google Places, and  Google+ Hangouts. Providing that the content is;

1. Relevant

2. Provides value to the user

3. Not “spammy” content

Google Loves YouTube Videos, Especially Now with Google+ Hangouts

What does that mean for positioning? I don’t know just yet, but let’s just say that I can’t wait to see how these few experiments are going to go over the coming weeks. After all, if I can’t rank for the best online marketer in Phoenix in some way, I may want to start attending more marketing classes, seminars, and trainings. Possibly with some of the guys who are already listed on the first page for the best online marketer in Phoenix, AZ search results.


Here’s the Update

Here is my findings so far with my testing/experiment…. You can see for yourself. Here is a snapshot above of my current positioning in Google search. Just in case you think this image is photoshopped, feel free to perform a search query for “the best marketer in Phoenix” and you can see for yourself what relevant content you find and where it is positioned.

I would love to share how I accomplished these results. However that would take a lot more time that I have to create this post. Let me know in the comments below whether you think a strategy like this would help improving your marketing results. After all, we’re always looking for the best online marketing practices no matter what part of the country or world you are in.



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