WP Plugin Creates Amazing Attention Grabbing Boxes


Want a simple WordPress plugin that creates amazing attention grabbing boxes in seconds? Want to dress up your web pages on your WordPress using a simple free plugin</> that is guaranteed to grab your readers attention?

The sea of WordPress plugins are endless. I can vividly remember spending hours trying to look for the “perfect plugins” for all the cool functionality they offer. When I realized that I spent more time wasting time doing this, I would realize that I only needed to search for plugins on an as needed basis. This sinlge approach has made me more efficient. Enough of getting off on a tangent. 

Let me grab your attention with this…




Attention Grabbing Boxes for Blog Posts

I bet you have noticed guru markters with great looking sales and landing pages. I always wondered how they did this. I wondered because I have had no formal training in internet marketing or website develpment. Not unless you call YouTube formal education.

I was always measuring myself against what other people were doing and what they had. If I kept this trend up I would never get anything done. Ok, let me leave the tangents alone now.

Attention getting boxes using a WordPress plugin. Highlight your pages and look like an internet marketing Guru’s in minutes. Highlight text, images, videos, and opt-in forms just to name a few.

This WordPress plugin is called the WP Attention Box Plugin. The WP Attention Box Plugin  dresses up your posts, pages, salespages, promotional offers, coupons, and promotions.

The plugin is very lightweight and flexible. Here’s options your able to change:

Attention Grabbing Boxes Dress Up Sales Pages & Landing Pages


Green-arrow-hightlight-boxChange Border Type: Solid, Dotted, Dashed, Double Groove, Ridge, Inset, & Outset.

Green-arrow-hightlight-box Change Border Size:

Green-arrow-hightlight-boxChange Border Colors

 Green-arrow-hightlight-boxChange Background Colors:

Green-arrow-hightlight-boxChange Text Color

 Green-arrow-hightlight-boxChange The Alignment

 Green-arrow-hightlight-boxToggle for Rounded Corners

How you you like to create highlight boxes like this with complete copy paste ease with NO graphics experience, NO coding, and NO marketing experience.

This plugin is push button simple and easy!

The free attention grabbing highlight boxes training video below walks you through step-by-step how to create amazing boxes like the ones that are on this post.




Leave a comment below on how you use to attract people’s attention using attention boxes like these.




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