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FunnelKit VideosFunnelKit WordPress Plugin Review: Recently I purchased a WordPress Plugin for creating amazing capture pages called FunnelKit. Are you using capture page and landing page software that is running you a monthly fee such as lead pages? FunnelKit is a great alternative to  creating guru style capture pages and landing pages without the guru prices.

FunnelKit – NO Expensive Software NO Monthly Fee

FunnelKit is a WordPress plugin has some very powerful features. One of the most powerful features of using this plugin is the ability to export pages via HTML files and exporting pages created by funnel kit as a txt file. These text files allows you to create pages and give them to other FunnelKit users who can import these pages in seconds. This is illustrated in the video below on this page.

FunnelKit-step-by-stepThis plugin can create landing pages, squeeze pages, sales pages, download pages, thank you pages, and much much more. With all of the amazing features you get with FunnelKit, you will be shocked an amazed at the beautiful pages this simple-to-use plugin can make.

This plugin also comes with ready-to-use graphics. Everything from apple mockup graphics, highlighters, shadows, web testimonial boxes, hand drawn graphics, and more. This is just a small sampling of the hundreds of graphics that are at your disposal with FunnelKit. These graphics come in .jpg, .png, and .psd file formats right out of the box.


FunnelKit – Step-by-Step


One of the things I like most about FunnelKit is the step-by-step indicators. Creating a page is literally follow step 1, step 2, step 3… etc. Some plugins I have used in the past DO NOT let you even preview the page or go to the next step until you have finished the previous step. Not FunnelKit. You can look at your pages as you go and even without the actual  optin form if you creating a squeeze page.






Some FunnelKit Limitations

While the FunnelKit plugin has a drag and drop editor for building amazing pages, I found that once the content was placed inside the content area, the user cannot drag & drop content that is already in the content area. This caused some frustration when experimenting and learning how to use FunnelKit. When deciding where your content is going to go and depending on the page design you have in mind. It is best to go in having a clear cut plan or diagram for your landing page and sales page designs. Once the content was in place you do not have FULL control FunnelKit’s functionality.

This is also true for video embedding and images. Yes you can get away with using the HTML editor in certain cases, however when using the actual content blocks for video and images you may find it frustrating when trying to reposition content. One shortcut to use in this situation is to immediately copy the page, then copy and paste content in between pages.

Another limitation of FunnelKit is that it’s NOT mobile responsive. This is a feature that is being widely asked for by the members of the FunnelKit Facebook group. While Emilis “Emka” Strimitis does his best to incorporate new features his customers ask for, this is certainly one that has been asked from almost since the beginning and has not yet been implemented as of this blog post. He has however, made tons of improvements since his initial release of FunnelKit.

FunnelKit Specs:


I may not have even explained this fully, however, when you purchase and start using FunnelKit for yourself you will see exactly what I’m talking about.

Watch a FunnelKit Demonstration by FunnelKit’s Creator:

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