Create Awesome Capture Pages with The New FunnelKit GO Plugin


FunnelKit GO is the new release of FunnelKit that is a drag and drop WordPress page creator. This plugin by Emilis “Emka Strimaitus is an easy-to-use plugin that creates AMAZING guru like style capture pages.

FunnelKit GO is Doesn’t Just Create Capture Pages

funnelkit GO review

FunnelKit GO doesn’t just create capture pages. You have the ability to create landing pages, thank you pages, up sell pages, sales pages, and more. In fact… any page you can conceive, you more than likely can create with FunnelKit GO.



What was wrong with the original version of FunnelKit?

While the original FunnelKit plugin had many users, some of the main complaints were that the pages were not mobile responsive and the canvas area was not drag and drop (only the elements were). When I got to test FunnelKit GO, all the elements were drag and drop including the canvas. This was enough to get me excited about using FunnelKit all over again.

What are Funnels and why do you need them in your business?
Funnels are a sequence of pages or content specifically designed for your website visitors to take specific actions. For instance, when a capture page is presented to a website visitor they have the option to enter their email address or exit the page.

If the visitor decides to enter their information, they are taken to another page, usually an offer page where there is some kinds of offer which involves a small monetary investment…but the offer is congruent with the information they signed up to receive.

From there, visitors choose to take action on the offer… or they can be directed to the page where they were promised the information they signed up for to receive. The funnel is continued through the process of sequenced emails that are received by the website owner/marketer who promoted the initial offer. The follow up emails are designed with the goal of creating a sale somewhere in the future. Sales are also generated when the site owner sends additional congruent offers via email.

Why Use FunnelKit GO?
While creating sales funnels sound easy (like putting up 3 pages and an autoresponder sequence), it’s a lot more difficult than it sounds. There is copywriting, graphics, autoresponder forms, pages, and much more. That’s where the creators of FunnelKit wanted to put the ability to create high converting capture pages and funnels in the hands of newbies to help them get results FAST!

Funnelkit Go

Matter of fact, most newbie marketers struggle just with getting WordPress installed on their domain name. If that’s you… FunnelKit has you covered with their WordPress KickStart Kit. Need help getting your autoresponder set up? The Autoresponder Virtuoso will teach you how to get your forms set up in seconds.

One of the coolest features of Funnelkit Go is having the ability to import and export pages and upload them onto other peoples Funnelkit Go installation or export HTML pages and upload them onto a client’s website.

Here are the BONUS TRAININGS you receive when you purchase FunnelKit GO.

funnelkit go bonuses

FunnelKit GO Bonuses

Here are a Couple of the Drawbacks:
-The graphics pack that comes with FunnelKit GO is EXACTLY the same as the graphics pack in the original version of FunnelKit.

-The second drawback is I thought he should have added just a few more basic templates to give away…. like a 3 page basic funnel. After all it is called FunnelKit.



There could have been a capture page, thank you page, and download/offer page. That’s makes for a PERFECT segue-way for my bonuses when you purchase FunnelKit Go (<–affiliate link)

FunnelKit GO is a great plugin to have in your page building arsenal to create amazing pages for any niche without having to have all the technical, coding, and design experience that holds most novice marketers back. This was one of the first plugins I used to start having success online. Pick up FunnelKit Go today and start getting results with your online marketing.



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