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The vPages WordPress plugin allows you to create simple and stunning video marketing pages in just a few clicks. Video is powerful for promoting products, software, tools, trainings, and more. Oftentimes, it can also be a form of distraction when giving people 2 many options. When promoting products, I find NOTHING converts buyers better than video.

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Matthew McDonald has released a few WordPress plugins in the past, but this is the first time I purchased one from him and I will share why.

Create Sleek & Simple Video Pages in Seconds with vPages WordPress Plugin


vPage WordPress Plugin

I have used several types of capture page plugins and software. While most created AMAZING and high converting capture pages, the problem is you don’t usually have the ability to create them as POSTS! Yes BLOG POSTS is what I am referring to. And even some of my favorite plugins don’t give you the ability to assign them as pages either (I know I’m getting a little over the head for most basic users… but hang with me).

When I saw Matthew’s newest plugin… although it’s not a “capture page” plugin, it’s used to create simple and sleek video pages with 1 video, 1 offer, and 1 call to action.

Simply put, there are times you want to fire up a video, put it on a page, and be done with it. This plugin does exactly that and more. The best thing and probably the most important, is that this plugin won’t interfere with your existing themes and plugins. If you have used WordPress for any length of time… you know there are plugins that conflict with one another.


You Can Use the vPages WordPress Plugin for the Following:

Tutorials – Shoot a quick video tutorial for your list, subscribers, and prospects.

Product Reviews – this way you can connect with your users before sending them to an affiliate offer (best practice for affiliate marketing), plus your call to action button can have your affiliate link without the price… unlike sales pages.

Video Emails – Video emails are PROVEN to BOOST conversion rates!

Add Value – How many times does your email inbox just get FLOODED with offers… but with NO REAL additional value from the marketers? vPages allows you to provide extreme value before sending them off to the affiliate offer.

Does NOT mess with your theme plugins or other WordPress installations.

Easy-to-Use – Generate simple and slick video pages in just a few clicks

Facebook Comments – Built in Facebook comments to give you engagement and traffic to your website.

Webinar Replays – Replay your webinars on a single page where your visitors can’t get distracted.

Video Course – Create video course pages.

Presell Videos – Provide a video series prior to promoting your products.

And much much more!

With vPages you can create simple, yet powerful, video pages lickety split… with just a few clicks!

vPages WordPress PluginStep 1
Create Post or Page
Step 2
Choose Your Look & Feel
Step 3
Link Up Your YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia, or Amazon S3 Video

NEG (-):
Although you can customize the colors you do not have the ability “color match” or pick your color via hex code.

You can pick up the vPages WordPress plugin and get your next video campaign up in seconds!

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