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Affiliate marketing is referring people to solutions, products, and or services. It’s something we do naturally  almost everyday. When I discovered that you can earn money doing this I could not resist jumping in. There was just one glaring problem at the time. I hated computers! Go figure… however, there was something that was way too damn sexy about working whenever you want, from where you want, and some of the myths about pushing buttons and having money magically appear into your bank account. I’m not gonna lie… there is some truth that.


I know! You’re already laughing at me! Don’t keep laughing…   Since the time I jumped online a couple of years ago, I really was lost for the first uuhmmm… 9 months or so. That’s because there was such a learning curve just learning the language was exactly that. Learning the language. Now that I know and understand the language, it’s a whole lot  easier navigating online. So if you’re just getting started…. that CAN BE  biggest obstacle in itself. Consistency and focus are some of the other obstacles. But that’s something for a whole other day.


3 EZ Steps Creating an Affiliate Marketing Business from Scratch!



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