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Establishing your presence online starts with your address. Just like your physical address where you receive mail. Your internet address is your domain name. Purchasing a domain name is very simple. My only 2 pieces of advice is this.#1 Don’t Use GoDaddy & #2 Don’t use GoDaddy.

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– This could be as simple as yourname.com or yourhobbyandpassions.com

Your domain is your address online. It’s how people find you. Your land where your house will be built on is your hosting. I use Namecheap. You can use whoever you want. I will say this, be careful with trying to save a few bucks. For EVERYTHING you will need to accompany your domain name you will get for free with your domain name. There are other domain registrars that NICKEL & DIME you for even the basic of functions! The Video below walks you through. I would also be careful purchasing your domain name w/your hosting provider. You have more flexibility owning the domain name separately from your hosting.

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