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HOSTING OPTION #1 Hosting is the land where your house gets built on. Your Domain Name is your address on the internet; it’s where people find you. For newbies who don’t want to deal with FTP and and who just want to plug-in and get going.. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND WEB WEAVER ELITE. I’m using Web Weaver Elite on this very site.

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You have the ability to host up to 3 websites for $9.99 per month. You can earn that back with Adsense revenue alone. The other option is offering to build a site for someone else and having them cover the cost of your hosting altogether. NO Contract! CANCEL at ANY TIME!

SOME OF THE CONS: You cannot create your own email addresses from their platform… you will have to do it from where you purchase your domain name. Some of the domain registrar’s charge up to $5 month for a single email address (which is ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS!).

Another con is having NO cPanel access. If you are new… you may not know or care. The ONLY reason I am even putting this offer on this website is because this website is hosted on Web Weaver Elite. And while I love the push button simplicity and extra plugins, I was restricted because I couldn’t create sub domains, email addresses, and I did not have access to cPanel which is HUGE if you plan on being an internet marketer.

Web Weaver Elite SPECIAL OFFER you can enter the code FREEMONTH to Receive your 1st Months Hosting FREE of CHARGE

HOSTING OPTION #2 GVO is a hosting company built by marketers for marketers. The amount of value you get for $9.99 per month is INSANE with GVO’s Host Then Profit program. With this program you get to host up to 4 different domain names. You also receive an auto-responder and conference room included in the price. The conference room is very similar to a webinar room (the video below is an example). You can host up to 5 guests at a time while you grow your business, then upgrade when you need more.

There is also video hosting, so you can store your videos quickly and easily without incurring other monthly costs! The video below is hosted on GVO’s platform.

You can also create UNLIMITED amount of email addresses for your domains and have full access to the cpanel. And oh… unlike other programs where you receive a 1 time commission, GVO pays you residual income for life as long as your customer continues to pay for the hosting service. CHECK OUT GVO’s COMPENSATION PLAN HERE!


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