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Alex Jeffreys Black Box Sales Machine is the latest of his information product launches on JVZoo which reveals the 80-20 rule Alex and his team discovered after 2 plus years and almost 80,000 units in sales.

The Black Box Sales Machine examines everything over the last 2 years of product launches from Alex Jeffreys along with his students who have successfully launched 100k plus businesses from scratch using his exact blueprint systems. Read More→

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FB Pixel Pro-Did you know you can follow people around the internet with retargeting software?FB Pixel Pro is an Easy to use retargeting software to follow your prospects with ads around Facebook to boost conversions and ultimately to create more sales. Are you being stalked and targeted online by retargeting?

Over the past couple of years you may have noticed this more and more when you are browsing the internet. You leave a site you visited, then you constantly see an ad following you around as Read More→

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What is the FB Instant Income System?

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There is a huge buzz on the internet right now about the FB Instant Income System that will be launching in a few weeks that is in Beta Launch right now. This opportunity may be great for those in network marketing, other MLM opportunities, affiliate marketers, and other home based businesses. Read the rest of this post and watch the video to see if the Facebook Instant Income System is right for you.

Is the FB Instant Income System for You?


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FB Auto Connect Pro v2 integrates with your current auto responder with a few clicks of the mouse that allows you to collect emails and data from subscribers who opt in or sign up to your offer using Facebook. Are you using Facebook to build your email marketing list, to promote a product or service, and connect to new potential customers? FB Auto Connect Pro is the perfect app to use with AWeber, Get Response, GVO, SendReach, Mailchimp and to help you and your business build a massive list.

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What is the FB Instant Income System?

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There is a huge buzz on the internet right now about the FB Instant Income System that will be launching in a few weeks that is in Beta Launch right now. This opportunity may be great for those in network marketing, other MLM opportunities, affiliate marketers, and other home based businesses. Read the rest of this post and watch the video to see if the Facebook Instant Income System is right for you.

 Click on the Button tot check out the FB Instant Income System

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FunnelKit WordPress Plugin Review

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FunnelKit VideosFunnelKit WordPress Plugin Review: Recently I purchased a WordPress Plugin for creating amazing capture pages called FunnelKit. Are you using capture page and landing page software that is running you a monthly fee such as lead pages? FunnelKit is a great alternative to  creating guru style capture pages and landing pages without the guru prices.

FunnelKit – NO Expensive Software NO Monthly Fee

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Are there Easy Ways to Make Money Online?

Have you bought information products online about how to make money? Do they come off as being simple and easy? Were you surprised to find that making money online actually requires work? Newsflash! There is no easy way to make money online. Making money online has to be earned and or exchanged for value. There are basics to earning income online.

If so this brief Google Hangout maybe just the thing for you.


Making money online is easy when you have the right product, for the right customer, at the right time. There is no one size fits all when it comes to easy ways of making money online. However, there are fundamental strategies that are just not going to go away.


In this Hangout I cover 5 easy ways to make money online. What are they? How to get started? And what to do next.


In the future I will be sharing specific how to videos that cover specific actions and strategies. Get these videos as soon as they are uploaded to YouTube by simply subscribeing to the channel by clicking on the link below

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To learn more money making tips and strategies, there are links below that you may also find helpful. Article:

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Watch the Live Hangout:

Easy Way toMake Money Online in 2014 Live Hangout 

If you are new to internet marketing & you are looking for a simple strategy to earning $100-$300 per month!

Easy way to make money online with a simple video marketing strategy.



Easy Way to Create Banners

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Are you a newbie marketer asking yourself if there’s an easy way to create banners? Creating graphics, headers, and banners are easy if you have previously taken a class in photoshop. For the newbie marketer with zero graphics experience where are you to turn when you don’t own expensive software?

Thank heavens for the cloud! There are simple online tools for the newest of newbies to look and position themselves as a six figure marketer. All this with NO experience, NO technical skill, and NO artistic ability required.

Is there an Easy Way to Create Banners with NO Experience?

If you have purchased online information products, there are some things that stand out when we’re trying to measure where we are at compared to the marketers we look up to. I always thught to myself that the graphics other marketers use are so cool. The question was how could I replicate the look? Once I began to use YouTube tutuorials for plugins, the idea eventually hit me. “I bet they have graphics tutorials on YouTube.” Afterall, they have tutorials and stupid videos on practically everything else. So why not do a search and give it a go. I would discover hundreds of videos and I really didn’t know where to start until I found some beginner Pixlr tutorials.

I Learned an Easy Way to Create Banners

Watch the Pixlr Tutorial- Easy Way to Create Banners

I remember the first day was at least a 4 hour marathon of watching, observing, and taking notes. I would soon jump on pixlr to start exercising some of the new found information. It took me a while of struggling just to learn the basics. With practice you only get better as long as you keep at it. I would soon discover other online graphics tools similar to pixlr. Splashup, Sumo Paint, Picnik, and Gimp just to name a few. Before you know it I was beginging to master some of the basic graphic skills. Trust me when I say that I really don’t like to do graphics. They take time and skill. However I am finding this skill as useful to have especially when it comes to internet marketing. So with all that extra fluff… let me show you an easy way to create banner graphics using pixlr.

 Quick Steps to Create Header Graphics & Banners

1. Go to 

Link to

You could also use other online graphics tools like SumoPaint and Splashup.



4. Set Your Width & Height

It’s useful to know the size of the banner you are creating in advance. If it’s for a website there usually is info that tells you the size of the image in px. For social media sites you can do a search and the results will display the proper size(s) of the banners you are looking to create.

5. CLICK on the Transparent Box

If not your creation will automatically have a white background. This can make some areas of your creation difficult to see when you have areas that are white on white.

6. Use the Assortment of Tools

Refer to the video above which walks you through the remaining steps, step-by-step. With a few clicks of the mouse you are on your way to create header graphics and banners using Pixlr.

In the comment section below tell me which graphics tool do you and/or share some tips on easy ways to create banners.









Have you ever struggled to create custom AWeber forms to capture emails and build a list? Lead generation is one of the most important activities associated with online marketing and takes a little bit of knowledge and skill. Creating custom AWeber forms can be intimidating at first when getting acquainted with email marketing. However, creating customized email opt in forms positions you as a person of authority and certainly distinguishes you from your competition.

Create Custom AWeber Forms Tutorial Here

I struggled miserably to understand even the quintessential basics of how to create custom opt in forms with AWeber when I first got started online. Whenever I would see cool looking forms on other websites around the web, I would always think to myself, “those forms are so cool. How do you make one like that?” This, at a time when I barely understood even the most basic of concepts I share in these tutorials below.

I Struggled to Create Custom AWeber Forms

Watch how to customize AWeber forms in these tutorialsThings like how to create a custom header graphic or even the basic reference of “pixels” as it relates to size when creating your forms. Most of the tools used in Pixlr, to this day I could not tell you most of the proper names for. However, ask me to recreate a graphic from scratch and I’m sure I could recreate or at least emulate the look. So safe to say, I have learned what most of the tools actually do. I have YouTube tutorial creators and YouTube to thank for that!

Building a list of email subscribers is a fundamental activity of internet marketing.
In this blog post and video tutorial below I will take you from beginner level to an AWeber expert when it comes to designing and creating custom email optin forms in minutes.

1. Create Custom AWeber Opt In Form

In this first YouTube tutorial video, I walk you through how to create a custom opt in form step-by-step. From the border, inputs, labels, submit buttons, saving the web form, and placing form in a widget on WordPress. You will also be taught how to customize your submit button.

2. Insert Custom Header Graphic

In this video you are shown how to insert a custom header graphic in your newly customized AWeber form using a WordPress blog or other image hosting/sharing site such as photobucket. This YouTube tutorial is the shortest of the 3 and simply shares this 1 step. To create a header graphic you can watch how to create a header graphic using Pixlr.

WATCH the SECOND AWeber Tutorial HERE

Yes I said 3 because I have another tutorial that shares how to create a customize lead sucking capture page only using AWber… so make sure to subscribe to my channel.

And if you DO NOT have an AWeber account.

Sign Up for a $1 AWeber 30 Trial

Here are some links to related posts:

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For Advanced Users

Creating, styling, and using AWeber forms

In the comment section below please let me know what graphic tools you use. And if you found this tutorial helpful. Dont forget to like and share.



Create Custom YouTube Thumbnails

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How to create custom YouTube thumbnails tutorialCreate custom YouTube thumbnails is simple and easy when you have a step-by-step tutorial. There are several tutorials on YouTube on how to create custom thumbnails for YouTube videos. What I have done is simplified it even further by providing a backround graphics that can be changed to any color to create amazing thumbnail effects. There are also several tools highlighted in this tutorial below.

1. Pixlr

Pixlr is an online graphics editing tool. This tool also allows you to store your graphics creations right in the cloud. No need to save things to your hard drive unless you really want to.

2. Clipping Magic

Clipping Magic is an online tool that allows you to remove backgrounds of images to isolate the part(s) of an image you want without having to have the steady hand of using online or more expensive graphics editiong software.

3. YouTube Slicer

YouTube Slicer is a software program that allows you to create as many thumbnails as you want with relative ease. There are several templates to choose from. Tube Slicer is WYSIWYG editor and completely drag & drop interface. CLICK HERE to CHECK out YouTube Slicer

4. FREE Graphics

Download FREE background graphics along with YouTube Logo, and YouTube control layer graphic. These graphics will help you get started creating graphics in no time flat. Watch the tutorial video and receive bonus graphics on the same page.


Receive alerts when new tutorials are uploaded. Subscribe to the Rejection FREE Formula newsletter to learn info product reviews and how to pieces of the internet prosperity puzzle.

If you found this custom YouTube thumbnail tutorial helpful please leave a comment below.

Other custom thumbnail tutorials are listed below.

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