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Affiliate Trax Review

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Can You Really Build a Buyer’s List with Affiliate Trax? My Video Review of Affiliate Trax!

Affiliate TraxAffiliate marketer’s know that the only true assets they own in their business is an email list. The larger and more responsive your email list is… the more sales, commissions, and money you make.

One of the problem’s with affiliate marketing is that some products are forgotten about 7 days after they launch. This keeps a lot of affiliates on the marketing hamster wheel always having to look and promote the next thing. Even worse… is when they work hard to create blog posts, graphics, and videos to attract new buyers… those buyer’s are lost as immediately as they click on your link to buy. Your buyer ends up on the email list of the product creator and you’re left having to go promote the next thing.

Affiliate Trax solves this problem by giving the affiliates the ability so add the buyer to their own email list when the buyer purchases through their affiliate link.

Personally I have sold dozens of products using this exact method… only for me to have to toil to build an email list. Now, when ever I promote anyone’s products/services via using video, Facebook, or blog posts… I can rest knowing I don’t have to add additional pages and go overboard on the bonuses just to be able to collect someone’s email address.

When someone buys through my link, they will be automatically added to my email list. That way I can build my buyer’s email list and follow up offers in the future.


What do You Get with Your Purchase of Affiliate Trax?

Access to Affiliate Trax Software
1. You get access to the software that integrates with your JvZoo account

Affiliate Marketing Training
2. You also get 14 training videos from EACH of the product creators. That’s 28 total videos about affiliate marketing to help you CRUSH IT with your affiliate marketing campaigns. The creators of this product are both 5 figure per month earners in affiliate marketing.

License to Sell 25 Copies
3. You also get a license to sell 25 copies of this software (when you purchase during the launch which ends May 10th at midnight). The hardest thing about online/affiliate marketing is not having your own products/services/software to sell. With affiliate Trax you have a ready made product that you can start promoting the day after the launch ends. This comes with done for you sales page, support, and members areas DONE FOR YOU (yes… I know I said it twice!).

No product is just chocolates and roses. However, this product is simple to understand. My only knock having been a customer of Brett Rutecky’s & Mike From Maine is there are NO NEW videos in the affiliate marketing training section. If you own Profit Canvas, then you have definitely seen these videos before. I would have liked to see something new as far as “training” is concerned. Having said that this product on it’s own. Well, that’s only if you want to build a “buyer’s list.”

Affiliate Trax Review


Pick Up Affiliate Trax Today Before the Launch Ends!

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60 Minute Paydays ProofThere is NO SHORTAGE for ways to make money on the internet, but how many make the bold promise of earning commissions all year round from tiny little “cash magnets” without having to create blogs everyday? And is truly a set and forget system for generating affiliate commissions in any niche.

Here’s the BIG PROMISE from 60 Minute Paydays:

Watch the video below as I walk through and demonstrates EXACTLY what you’ll be getting when you purchase 60 Minute Paydays today and start building your very own commission cash magnet. Read More→

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YouTube Lead Generation Secrets

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Recently I came across 5 YouTube lead generation secrets I didn’t even know existed. There is no doubt video marketing is a powerful tool to generate leads and sales. There are 5 YouTube lead generation secrets I discovered and didn’t even know they existed. This, even, after I have bought a few information products. It makes you really wonder how much value did I actually get out of those info products. Hmmm.

5 YouTube Lead Generation Secrets I Didn’t Even Know Existed

Over the last couple of months I have really been diving into creating YouTube videos. After all the statistics are just staggering. Here are just a handful;

  • 60 Hours of video gets uploaded to YouTube every second
  • 4 billion videos are watched every day
  • 800 million visitors per month
  • ONLY 30% of total traffic is U.S. based
  • YouTube mobile gets 600 million views per day
  • 100 million people take a social action

What shocks me personally is the video that has the most views for me personally happens to be the longest which is over 20 minutes. This by YouTube statistics and by most marketing standards is a pretty long video. The video was a Pixlr Tutorial on how to create headers and banners. 

In my latest tutorial I share the 5 “S” SECRETS to more views, likes, comments, shares, subscribers, and leads. Many of the features I really didn’t know existed up until a few weeks ago even though some of the strategies had been used on me that I hadn’t really paid attention to. Well not only am I now paying attention, I’m also using these strategies and can’t wait to report a case study in the coming months.

For the sake of making this blog post short, let me share just a few of these strategies.


YouTube Lead Generation Secret #1 – SEARCH



Using the Search feature & filter feature to find targeted traffic. There are direct sales communities from affiliate marketing, email marketing, and network marketing just to name a few. YouTube is an absolute gold mine to finding experienced and novice marketers alike.


YouTube lead generation secrets search and filter




Looking for people or a community that shares your specific interests? You can find those people too with a simple search. There are also niche specific, ultra targeted videos that you can filter by when the video was uploaded, by the video length, and by the video view count.

For example there are marketers using YouTube that are not applying basic YouTube keyword fundamentals to their content in the form of text that allows their content to be found more easily. In some cases I have seen also watched video views so low in comparison with the amount of videos they have created (share this article with those peeps).


YouTube Lead Generation Secrets how to send a personal message

YouTube Lead Generation Secret #2 – SEND Personal Message


Did you know that you can send a personal message to YouTubers? I didn’t until very recently. In passing I always wondered how people from YouTube could send me messages that I would receive RIGHT IN MY GMAIL INBOX. Well now I know. And now you do too!

Don’t get any SPAM ideas in your head, however if you are creating quality content and sending messages once a week, most people should be ok with that if they are part of your community and the content is relevant. Otherwise if your sole purpose is to ONLY PITCH you may not get any traction and I’m sure your SPAM complaints will spike. You don’t want a message from the SPAM police do you?


Speaking of relevant content. This post is currently over 700 words and to tell you the truth I really don’t like blogging. Matter of fact you can check out my 3 Lies of Making Money on the Internet. I digress… so let me get back to the point. CLICK on this link to discover the 5 YouTube Secrets to Lead Generation Secrets Exposed. I share these strategies and bonus video strategies absolutely free.

To get your hands on the rest of the strategies and the case study I’m putting together, just CLICK HERE to Get ACCESS to this POWERFUL video training that is on the next page.

Whether or not your currently creating video content or if you’re still on the fence about it. This video series at the very least will open your eyes to what’s already available and how you can seriously leverage the power of YouTube to attracting laser targeted leads & traffic using the 5 YouTube Lead Generation Secrets Exposed.


Here are some related videos about online lead generation:

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