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The vPages WordPress plugin allows you to create simple and stunning video marketing pages in just a few clicks. Video is powerful for promoting products, software, tools, trainings, and more. Oftentimes, it can also be a form of distraction when giving people 2 many options. When promoting products, I find NOTHING converts buyers better than video.

vPage wordpress plugin statistics


Matthew McDonald has released a few WordPress plugins in the past, but this is the first time I purchased one from him and I will share why. Read More→

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FunnelKit GO is the new release of FunnelKit that is a drag and drop WordPress page creator. This plugin by Emilis “Emka Strimaitus is an easy-to-use plugin that creates AMAZING guru like style capture pages.

FunnelKit GO is Doesn’t Just Create Capture Pages

funnelkit GO review

FunnelKit GO doesn’t just create capture pages. You have the ability to create landing pages, thank you pages, up sell pages, sales pages, and more. In fact… any page you can conceive, you more than likely can create with FunnelKit GO. Read More→

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Would you like to get more clicks, collect more subscribers, and cash more commission checks with an easy to use WordPress plugin that boosts engagement and RESULTS?


XuPop is a WordPress plugin by Duncan MacGibbon which creates amazing pop ups to help you drive more traffic to your CPA offers and affiliate pages all while to help you build your list of hungry buyers in the process.

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FunnelKit WordPress Plugin Review

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FunnelKit VideosFunnelKit WordPress Plugin Review: Recently I purchased a WordPress Plugin for creating amazing capture pages called FunnelKit. Are you using capture page and landing page software that is running you a monthly fee such as lead pages? FunnelKit is a great alternative to  creating guru style capture pages and landing pages without the guru prices.

FunnelKit – NO Expensive Software NO Monthly Fee

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Have you ever struggled to create custom AWeber forms to capture emails and build a list? Lead generation is one of the most important activities associated with online marketing and takes a little bit of knowledge and skill. Creating custom AWeber forms can be intimidating at first when getting acquainted with email marketing. However, creating customized email opt in forms positions you as a person of authority and certainly distinguishes you from your competition.

Create Custom AWeber Forms Tutorial Here

I struggled miserably to understand even the quintessential basics of how to create custom opt in forms with AWeber when I first got started online. Whenever I would see cool looking forms on other websites around the web, I would always think to myself, “those forms are so cool. How do you make one like that?” This, at a time when I barely understood even the most basic of concepts I share in these tutorials below.

I Struggled to Create Custom AWeber Forms

Watch how to customize AWeber forms in these tutorialsThings like how to create a custom header graphic or even the basic reference of “pixels” as it relates to size when creating your forms. Most of the tools used in Pixlr, to this day I could not tell you most of the proper names for. However, ask me to recreate a graphic from scratch and I’m sure I could recreate or at least emulate the look. So safe to say, I have learned what most of the tools actually do. I have YouTube tutorial creators and YouTube to thank for that!

Building a list of email subscribers is a fundamental activity of internet marketing.
In this blog post and video tutorial below I will take you from beginner level to an AWeber expert when it comes to designing and creating custom email optin forms in minutes.

1. Create Custom AWeber Opt In Form

In this first YouTube tutorial video, I walk you through how to create a custom opt in form step-by-step. From the border, inputs, labels, submit buttons, saving the web form, and placing form in a widget on WordPress. You will also be taught how to customize your submit button.

2. Insert Custom Header Graphic

In this video you are shown how to insert a custom header graphic in your newly customized AWeber form using a WordPress blog or other image hosting/sharing site such as photobucket. This YouTube tutorial is the shortest of the 3 and simply shares this 1 step. To create a header graphic you can watch how to create a header graphic using Pixlr.

WATCH the SECOND AWeber Tutorial HERE

Yes I said 3 because I have another tutorial that shares how to create a customize lead sucking capture page only using AWber… so make sure to subscribe to my channel.

And if you DO NOT have an AWeber account.

Sign Up for a $1 AWeber 30 Trial

Here are some links to related posts:

For Beginners

How to create an email sign up form for your website

For Advanced Users

Creating, styling, and using AWeber forms

In the comment section below please let me know what graphic tools you use. And if you found this tutorial helpful. Dont forget to like and share.


Want a simple WordPress plugin that creates amazing attention grabbing boxes in seconds? Want to dress up your web pages on your WordPress using a simple free plugin</> that is guaranteed to grab your readers attention?

The sea of WordPress plugins are endless. I can vividly remember spending hours trying to look for the “perfect plugins” for all the cool functionality they offer. When I realized that I spent more time wasting time doing this, I would realize that I only needed to search for plugins on an as needed basis. This sinlge approach has made me more efficient. Enough of getting off on a tangent. 

Let me grab your attention with this…




Attention Grabbing Boxes for Blog Posts

I bet you have noticed guru markters with great looking sales and landing pages. I always wondered how they did this. I wondered because I have had no formal training in internet marketing or website develpment. Not unless you call YouTube formal education.

I was always measuring myself against what other people were doing and what they had. If I kept this trend up I would never get anything done. Ok, let me leave the tangents alone now.

Attention getting boxes using a WordPress plugin. Highlight your pages and look like an internet marketing Guru’s in minutes. Highlight text, images, videos, and opt-in forms just to name a few.

This WordPress plugin is called the WP Attention Box Plugin. The WP Attention Box Plugin  dresses up your posts, pages, salespages, promotional offers, coupons, and promotions.

The plugin is very lightweight and flexible. Here’s options your able to change:

Attention Grabbing Boxes Dress Up Sales Pages & Landing Pages


Green-arrow-hightlight-boxChange Border Type: Solid, Dotted, Dashed, Double Groove, Ridge, Inset, & Outset.

Green-arrow-hightlight-box Change Border Size:

Green-arrow-hightlight-boxChange Border Colors

 Green-arrow-hightlight-boxChange Background Colors:

Green-arrow-hightlight-boxChange Text Color

 Green-arrow-hightlight-boxChange The Alignment

 Green-arrow-hightlight-boxToggle for Rounded Corners

How you you like to create highlight boxes like this with complete copy paste ease with NO graphics experience, NO coding, and NO marketing experience.

This plugin is push button simple and easy!

The free attention grabbing highlight boxes training video below walks you through step-by-step how to create amazing boxes like the ones that are on this post.




Leave a comment below on how you use to attract people’s attention using attention boxes like these.




Record, upload, play, and Download MP3s for WordPress is a great way to provide value to your subscriber list and to share valuable content with your subscribers. In this post I will share all the tools you need to create audio content and to upload them onto your WordPress  website in minutes. Here are the simple steps.

This blog post will teach you how to

1.Create your audio MP3s using Online Voice Recorder

2. Upload audio to Your WP Site

3. Give the ability to play audios on your website using PlayPress WordPress Plugin

4. Give the ability to Download Audios Using a WordPress Force Download Plugin


Record Upload Play and Download MP3s for WordPress Training





1. Create your audio MP3s using Online Voice Recorder

Create your valuable content using this free audio tool. Online Voice Recorder allows you to create a 7 minute mp3 audio. So whether you’re creating an audio from an ebook, from public domain, or a recorded training call makes it ridiculously simple to create audios with literally one push of a button.


The Video(s) below walks you through the all the steps listed above. Step-by-step directions on how to create an audio, upload and audio recording on to your website, having your audio play from an audio player, and giving your website visitors the ability to download the audios.

2. Upload Audio to WordPress Media Files

Once you have downloaded your audio, upload your recorded audio to your wordpress site using the add media file and upload the mp3, and add to your website.


3. Download Pressplay plugin to your WordPress site

There is nothing to configure with this plugin. Copy code this code and add to page or post. Copy Link from audio file and paste between quotes in the shortcode.




4. Create a Download Audio Link

There are times when you are downloading a file like a PDF, audio, and video and it opens in another window, then you have to manually download the file.

Using the Forced Download Plugin eliminates all this by forcing your users to download the file instantly.

The forced download plugin again is super easy to use.

  • Download and activates the Forced Download plugin
  • Copy and Paste the Shortcode
    My Link
  • Copy audio file link; paste between shortcode
  • Customize Download Link



The Video below walks you through the all the steps listed above. Step-by-step directions on how to create an audio, upload and audio recording on to your website, having your audio play from an audio player, and giving your website visitors the ability to download the audios.

Record Upload Play and Download MP3s for WordPress Video



Now that you have learned how to record, upload, play, and download audios for WordPress. Create some valuable content for your readers and start building your audience by giving them free audio content to listen to and download.

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