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Affiliate marketing provides you the freedom to literally work from just about anywhere in the world. That is my personal goal. To be on a beach working from literally anywhere in the world from my laptop. So there are tools that make it EASY to do it. With all of the cloud services that are available to day all you need is to learn how to use them effectively or know someone else who can use them effectively.

Affiliate marketing can be easier when you have the ability to take shortcuts and save yourself time, energy, and money. These tools will not only help you to shorten the learning curve, but are also great assets for ANYONE getting started online. Learn how to use just a few of these.

YouTube is an awesome FREE marketing toolYouTube The most profound piece of marketing that has been staring me in the face is where I have noticed the biggest improvement of the amount of leads I am able to generate is NO DOUBT YOUTUBE! I don’t care if you love blogging, pay-per-click marketing, or Facebook. Personally I have gotten more results using YouTube than any other strategy combined. Why? Viewers are engaged and passionate about the topics they are passionate about. So it doesn’t matter if it’s marketing, basket weaving, or watching videos about cats and babies. YouTube has MASSIVE instant traffic where users are 100% ENGAGED like a dog chasing the cat. I promise you this. So long as you have a capture page to collect leads… 100 views = 1 lead. This formula is proven & predictable.


Vsnap gives you the ability to send 60 sec video messages to potential prospects and customers. Vsnap is an AWESOME and simple tool to use even if you have NEVER created a video in your life! You really can’t mess up a greeting in 60 seconds. If you do, just take another crack at it! Vsnap gives you analytics on who and how many times your video was watched. Want to drive traffic to your affiliate offer or capture page. Vsnap gives you the ability to attach PDFs and   website link to your 60 second video. There is even an APP for that! I LOVE THIS TOOL! (FIST PUMP YALL!) Watch this Video.

Google Drive

I use Google Drive more than any other FREE tool. It’s not just Google Docs with a different name. You have the ability to share all kinds of media on the cloud. You have the ability to share your contents and give others the ability to collaborate on projects in REAL TIME. Never worry about making a presentation and people not having Word or Keynote. Google Drive solves that problem keep everything on the cloud. Download Drive and you have the ability work on your content OFFLINE whether you have internet service or not! Now that’s having NO EXCUSE to PRODUCE. Best of all… 15 GB FREE!


DropBox is an AWESOME online cloud storage and sharing platform. Share audios, videos, images, PDFs, and everything else you share on line. You can even segment who you share your content with. If you have used Google Drive you will immediately notice how much FASTER dropbox is compared to EVERYTHING else on the market. Get Your FREE DropBox ACCOUNT. Don’t worry, I can get your shared files from my phone even if when I’m on the beach!


Pixlr is a FREE online graphics program that works just like photoshop without all the bells and whistles. I will be releasing TONS of tutorials for marketers on how you can create some amazing graphics and banners without spending a dime, and I’m also going to be giving you ALL the shortcuts I know. It took me almost a year and a half of COMPLETE trial and error before I discovered YouTube tutorials. However, even the YouTube tutorials were lacking content specifically for ONLINE marketers. So MAKE SURE YOU SUBSCRIBE to my Channel, because almost EVERY GRAPHIC you see on this site I created using Pixlr and you can learn how to do it too! Yes you could use Gimp. I just like keeping my work on the cloud.

Easy Squeeze Page Creator

This service is undoubtedly FREE, however, you will find with this Squeeze Page Generator that you will have to download a zip file and upload it on to your website. For $7 you can avoid all of this and just use a plugin that CREATES AMAZING  LEAD SUCKING CAPTURE PAGES without using FTP and any other technical hurdles most encounter when creating capture pages.


Hangout Magix

Google Hangouts can give you instant credibilty and positioning online. The easiest way to set your self apart from ANYONE & EVERYONE else online is to NOT LOOK like anyone and everyone else online. This guy has created some of my favorite online products. Here’s one of them. I have created a quick tutorial on how to use Hangout Magix. CLICK on this link and have your next Hangout positioning yourself above everyone in your opportunity or your niche.




Create engaging and cool presentations. Not like the old black and white power point videos. Get your point across while keeping your audience captive and active. Take them on a presentation adventure. Prezi continually adds updates and new features including backgrounds, images, and layouts. Add your own Power Points and YouTube videos right in your presentation. You are only limited by your own imagination. Check out this Prezi I created on the 4 Steps of Starting an Online Business. It was quick and easy to use. Watch my Prezi and let me know what you think in the comment section.

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