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These videos have definitely carried me through. I have picked out a few of my personal favorites just incase you need some inspiration to carry you through the days. Feel free to like, comment, and share. Maybe if you have a few favorites as well you can send them my way.

The first 2 Videos are the SHORTEST and MOST IMPORTANT IMHO! For a variety of reasons. I would call these the building blocks for ALL your success if you get this and IMPLEMENT them in your LIFE STARTING NOW!

Darren Hardy

This is your mind! Pour in something as nasty as reality TV, CNN (the Constant Negative News), dark, corrupt, worrisome, fearful messages. Watch what happens when you pour something else in the glass! What happens? Check out the video and see!

Video #2 The E/E Ratio Difference



Gary Vaynerchuck

I love what Gary Vaynerchuck says from the outset of this video when he talks about P.P. Patience and Passion! Check out what he says about people doing what they hate! “Stop CRYING & HUSTLE.” I don’t want to hear this 9-5 B.S.!!!


Eric the Hip Hop Preacher

I must have watched this video at least 50 times over the last few years. Sometimes even while working on graphics or writing out things to do I would have this video in the background. This VIDEO is NOTHING but TRUTH for those who think SUCCESS is EASY!


“Most People Like Sleep More than They Want Success!” -Eric Thomas


Simon Sinek

If you don’t where to start, watch this video and you will more than likely find out. I think this is one of the most profound things when people know exactly what they do and how they do it… but can’t tell you WHY they do it!


Brendon Burchard

“Success is not some big mystery!” Not only do I absolutely love his books, but this is just a wake up call and a slap in the face for those people who live by the “I can’t” do something. If that’s the case the recipe is really simple… it’s make appointment and add a dash of practice, mixed with a little bit of heart.


Mel Robbins

How are you doing? Just f*#%. Check out what she says and why



Grant Cardone is an amazing, charismatic, in your face, tough love kind of marketer. This guy is polarizing… and it’s well known that people wither like you or hate you, because being lukewarm is just too plain vanilla!




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