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Local Marketing for Small Business

Local marketing is simple. Place the right message, in front of the right person, at the right time. But how do you do it?

Today’s digital world has made it ever so easy to to do exactly that. There are simple STEPS for business owners today that can position themselves above their competition. There is NO SILVER BULLET or ONE SIZE FITS ALL approach. Just know that just these strategies listed below can help you improve your call volume, customers, and revenue. NOT HAVING A PLAN or STRATEGY in ANY of the following areas ensures 1 thing. That YOUR CURRENT CUSTOMERS won’t continue to spend their money with you. Listed below are ways to put the right  message in front of the person at the right time.

1. Website 

local-marketing-websiteMost business owners just think having a site of any make and model is good enough. Sorry folks! GoDaddy’s or Vista prints website builders are simply not going to cut it. Worst yet, most local business owners don’t have an INTENT behind the reason they have a website in the first place.

Do you want potential prospects or customers to “call an make an appointment.” Do you want them to “enter an email,” or do you want them to ONLY know where you are located and what your offers are. There are differences between a website for a hairstylist, burger joint, church, and shoe store.

What find is so many local business owners spend 3 grand on a website that DOESN’T have a SINGLE KEYWORD in it. HOW ARE YOU GOING TO ATTRACT TRAFFIC? You’re NOT! I also see many websites built in flash. Yes it’s cool and ‘flashy.’ However these kinds of websites won’t attract a single lick of organic traffic.

Discover the 5 Pieces to a Profitable Website

2. Mobile Marketing

Mobile-stat-local-marketingMobile is more important than even your regular website. Don’t believe me… maybe this graphic from Google will change your mind. I’m just going to make a bold prediction. If you’re a LOCAL SMALL BUSINESS and you DO NOT HAVE A MOBILE STRATEGY YOU WILL GO OUT OF BUSINESS!

Now does EVERY SINGLE business need a mobile website. Not necessarily, however it doesn’t hurt and that’s because now your having a mobile website increases your SEO (Search Engine Optimization). A home based buisness owner does not have to have a mobile website especially if it’s a site that is mostly content and video training that require 45 minute video and webinar trainings. Having said that, some can still watch those videos from an iPad or tablet. So do you need it in every case? NO.. however you’re leaving potential customers and traffic on the table by not having it.

3. Social Media

local-marketing-using-all-social-mediaNO! It’s NOT JUST FACEBOOK! Most businesses aren’t even using video. That’s just the beginning. Twitter and more importantly Google Plus Local. Let me ask you a simple question? Which company is the market leader in search? So wouldn’t it make sense to use ALL of the properties that they own? Google also owns YouTube…. which I’ll talk a little bit about below. Social media is primarily a free service except if you are advertising (which I highly recommend). Social media is not just about the mundane and what people are having for lunch. It’s conversation about controversy, interests, and engagement.

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