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Did You Know Your Website is Costing You Money

Losing You Calls, Customers, & Cash?


Hello , While flash websites are really attractive especially if you are building a video game website. But if you are looking to attract more website traffic, especially for a local business, a website in flash is NOT THE RIGHT CHOICE.


5 Reasons why Flash Websites Suck!

1. Flash Websites DO NOT APPEAR on iPhone and iPad mobile devices.

Info-about-flash-websiteAre you aware your website does not appear on iphones & ipads? Flash websites do not appear on these mobile devices.Chances are you know more than a handful of people who either use and operate iphones and ipads. Here is a link to a side by side comparison of a Flash Site vs. a mobile website. Click on this site link if you are on a desktop computer. Both Versions are loaded on this page…. however only one can be displayed.

Flash websites can't be viewed on some mobile devices. Here are some reasons why your website is not only costing you money because it's in FLASH, … it's costing you in web traffic. Traffic that is costing you calls, clients, customers, and cash.


Flash Websites Cost Business Owners Calls,

Customers, & Cash

2. BAD for SEO Not Indexed in Search
Local customers search for products and service via mobile device (percentage). can't find your services by keywords in your niche. This is due to 2 reasons….

a. Flash sites are not search engine friendly and appears like a 1 page website to the search engines.
b.Flash pages do not have any content that contains specific keywords, those pages fail in reaching top spots in search engine results.


3. Flash Websites Take Long to Load
When flash websites load on a browser there is often a skip intro button on the splash page. This happens because the flash presentation has to load before it plays.

Viewers of your website, especially on a mobile device, will not be patient enough to wait for your website to load. Flash websites can take a lot longer to load Since loading time is a critical factor for Search Engine Optimization. This is because of the next point.

 CLICK on the Blue Bar below to Watch Video

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4. Bandwidth & CPU Demands
If you don't have a NEW computer chances are Flash files take a longer time to load and strains on desktop PC. The same can be said for mobile devices. Not everyone who has a smart phone is on the 4G network. So going back to load times, this can be painfully long and mobile subscribers typically only wait seconds for site on their mobile device to load.

5. Adobe Website Not Built in Flash

 what does that say about flash? It's like an internet marketer without a website! Does that make any sense? There are reason's why Adobe probably doesn't have their own website built in flash. Don't believe me? Here's the link, check it our for yourself. Yes you can do a lot of cool things for memory, video games, and animation. However, most businesses have websites to be found... NOT to just look cool





Here are some Quick Fast Mobile Website Features in a Nutshell!

Small red arrowFast - Mobile users search for specific information about local businesses & want quick access.  Mobile websites are created to do exactly that.

Small red arrowAction - Mobile Users Take Action! Local searchers take action within 24 hours.

Small red arrow1 Click Easy - Mobile websites make it easy for customers to call, email, & access turn by turn directions with 1 click of a button

Small red arrowDiscount Coupons - Mobile coupons & deals are more easily controlled on mobile websites through redemption tracking.

Small red arrowSocial Sharing - Mobile sites are easily integrated with social media.  Mobile users can also easily engage & share your mobile website.





By now I'm sure you have questions. The report below explains 20 Reasons Why a Mobile Website Should Be Your #1 Priority. This information is valued $37. This report is yours FREE by CLICKING on the BIG RED GET MY FREE REPORT BUTTON (it may look orange...lol)
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